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The following pages display photos I took on trips to various parts of the world in recent years. They are organized in "galleries" and "gallery groups" and represented by the thumbnails below.

A gallery is a list of images. To view the images of a gallery just click the respective thumbnail, this will take you to the first image of that list. Within a gallery the "<"- and ">"-buttons take you to the most recently viewed image and the next image, respectively. With the "home"-button you return to this starting page, with the "back"-button to the respective gallery group.

The photos were taken with Nikon D300 and D600 cameras in form of NEF-files (the Nikon raw format) and processed with Nikon's Capture NX2 software and Adobe's Lightroom software. The images displayed here are scaled-down versions of the original photos with a maximum width of 1200 pixels and maximum height of 800 pixels.

Monitors with resolution 1680x1050px and larger should display these pages completely. 1024x768px monitors (and smaller) will require scrolling. Switching the browser to "full-screen" mode (e.g. the F11-key for Firefox browsers) may help in these cases.

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